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New Logo for Cision (and PR Newswire)



Noted Jun. 19, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2007) “Cision started as the advertising department of Svenska Telegrambyrån—a company providing press clipping services in Sweden—in 1892. Since then we’ve added media database and distribution services, comprehensive monitoring and social listening, content marketing solutions, media analysis, and government relations software to our product offerings. Over the years we’ve operated under different names such as Observer, Romeike, Bacon’s and Bowdens. In 2007, we rebranded as Cision. In 2014, we combined with Vocus and added Gorkana Group, Visible Technologies, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact to our family of brands. Today, with more than 100,000 customers and offices in nine countries, Cision is the leading provider of public relations and social software.”

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Cision (and PR Newswire)
Extra bland launch video.
New Logo for Cision (and PR Newswire)
PR Newswire logo, before and after.

I had never heard of Cision before but I had definitely heard of PR Newswire, which is like my third home (after my actual home and Wikipedia) when it comes to Brand New. I had received the tip for Cision last week but it didn’t quite register until today when I was reading a press release on PR Newswire and saw the same logo (and was confused). I had never realized (or paid enough attention) that the PR Newswire carried that of its previous owner, UBM, but I always recognized the dots. Enough about PR Newswire though. The old Cision logo, while harmless-looking like a standard sans serif, was actually quite evil and horrible with some needless flared corners… see it up close here. The new logo isn’t a paragon of logos but it’s modestly nice, with a tracked out condensed serif that has some kind of growing beam inside it that conveys growth — because who doesn’t like growth? — and it has one nice detail in how the open ends of the “C” follow the same angle of the beam. It shows someone was paying attention and cared about this. The color combo is a little odd — that teal green is hard to pull off — but I like how they used orange as a continuity element. Overall, this gets a golf clap for making one of these generic corporate logos (and names) be more memorable.

Thanks to David Wertheimer for the tip.

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