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New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative



Noted Oct. 11, 2016 by Armin

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This is the logo for the government of City of Las Vegas not to be confused with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. My guess is that everyone knows what Las Vegas is but if not or if you need specifics, here you go.

Design by

Pink Kitty Creative (Las Vegas, NV)

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Relevant quote
For this visual identity, we choose the font Big Noodle Titling for the “CITY OF” type because of its wonderful clarity in any medium. Big Noodle captures an industrial feel with a modern, progressive flair that is perfectly timeless. The “Las Vegas” type originated from the font, Stay High by Syed Faraz Ahmed. We transformed each letter to embody the mood and style of the city. The imperfect flow and vintage, hand-lettered type gives the design a classic look with a contemporary nod to the glamorous Las Vegas of yesteryear.

Pink Kitty Creative project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative
The existing Las Vegas TOURISM logo.
New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative
New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative
New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative
Sign? Giant lapel pin? Tiny brick wall?
New Logo for City of Las Vegas by Pink Kitty Creative
Thing on wheels. (I’m totally blanking on what these things are called).

The old logo will still be used on official documents but it will stop being used as "brand" identifier for the city, which is a shame because we will be missing out on this bitchin' version of it. But, yeah, that old logo was a mess — a kind of illustration ligature that ties all the Las Vegas things into a single thing. So it's not completely bad that they are moving away from that old logo but IT IS bad that they are changing into the new logo, which is an uninspired, watered-down version of the more popular and already well-known tourism logo (shown below). The new logo came from either an open competition or an invited pitch — I couldn't quite figure that part out — with 20 logos narrowed down to four finalists which were then presented to a focus group who probably chose this one because it was so familiar. Anyway, on the logo itself, the composition is weak with a tiny "CITY OF" nudged in between the two words, a giant "V", and a questionable sprinkling of the Pittsburgh Steelers' stars on all that remaining white space. I already mentioned the large "V" but the the "g" and "s" are also annoyingly oversized. Despite the execution misgivings of the logo, its biggest problem is that it establishes no point of differentiation between the tourism brand and the government branch while only generating possible confusion — and not that the city website offers any clarity with it looking like something else altogether (even featuring a decent piece of lettering on its landing page that would make a better logo).

Thanks to Mitch for the tip.

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