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New Logo for Curbed by Cory Schmitz



Noted Mar. 1, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 2004) “Curbed offers a fresh take on the trifecta of real estate, interiors, and architecture, on the ground in cities across the world. Equal parts inspirational and service-driven. Based in New York City but interested in everywhere. Curbed is part of the Vox Media family and joined by The Verge, Vox.com, SB Nation, Polygon, Eater, Racked, and Re/code.”

Design by

Cory Schmitz (Cambridge, MA)

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The main goal for me was to preserve the essence of the old logo, but modernize it to compliment the other Vox Media logos. The building shape and the condensed font were memorable elements from the old logo, so I wanted to preserve that for the rebrand. Additionally, after I read the brief, I really liked the idea of using clear, simple black & white magazine layouts like for inspiration, so that was a focus on all the logo concepts I worked on.

Cory Schmitz on Vox Media blog post

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New Logo for Curbed by Cory Schmitz
Logo detail.
New Logo for Curbed by Cory Schmitz
New Logo for Curbed by Cory Schmitz
Introduction to new look.

When I lived in New York I was a devout Curbed reader so there is a soft spot in me for the old, extremely literal logo — representative of a lot of blog headers in the early and mid 2000s. In retrospect though the logo is somewhat silly and, now that blogs are media enterprises, rendering that logo in a broader range of applications must have been a pain in the ass. The new logo relies 100% on familiarity with the old logo, which is not a bad strategy as the site already has a large following. New readers will simply see a basic wordmark that maybe comes across as lettering turning the corner on a building. The logo fits right in with the minimalist design standards of today while avoiding the geometric sans serif approach and also adopting an unexpected muted green key color with bursts of red, giving it a sophisticated look. Overall, an evolution that makes sense for existing readers and makes the lives of in-house designers more bearable with a logo that's easy to use.

Thanks to David Sizemore for the tip.

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