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New Logo for Duty Free Canada by The Mars Agency



Noted May. 22, 2015 by Armin

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Duty Free Canada represents Canada’s land border duty free shops (as opposed to any duty-free shops at airports). “[The] 28 Canadian Land Border Duty Free stores are all independently owned and operated by Canadians and are located across Canada. Each Canadian Land Border Duty Free owner is licensed by the Canadian government and adheres to Canada Border Service Agencies’ standards and regulations due to the secure nation by which the stores are located.”

Design by

The Mars Agency (Toronto, CA)

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We have evolved the look and feel of the Duty Free logo and tagline to be more current and reflective of the brand offering. The visual icon is comprised of a red, maple leaf over a simple baseline. The rendering of the maple leaf is natural and organic looking, depicting an inviting and familiar atmosphere. The bar underneath the leaf symbolizes the idea of a border crossing, as well as the lane dividers on the highways that lead there.

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New Logo for Duty Free Canada by The Mars Agency
Logo detail.
New Logo for Duty Free Canada by The Mars Agency
Logo variations.
New Logo for Duty Free Canada by The Mars Agency
With moody photography (and shopping bag).
New Logo for Duty Free Canada by The Mars Agency
Another moody shopping bag.

The previous logo drove a road straight through the maple leaf so it was quite literal and the typography matched the official Canada logo, so no real surprises or deviation from expectations. Also, not very pleasant. The new logo doesn't deviate much from expectations either, keeping the obligatory maple leaf but its twist is that it's not a geometric, abstract maple leaf. It's an organic-looking maple leaf, which is surprisingly refreshing. (Also, it looks a ton like a marijuana leaf, which might explain why it's been abstracted so many times). The thick underline looks pretty cool even though it's just, you know, a thick underline. The typography is okay, perhaps a slightly more refined condensed sans would have been nice. I don't know if the shopping bags are real or prototype but they look really nice.

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