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New Logo for Engadget by Gino Reyes



Reviewed Nov. 20, 2013 by Armin

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Launched in 2004, Engadget is one of the leading and most widely read tech blogs featuring news, reviews, and opinions with “obsessive coverage of cutting edge gadgets, consumer electronics and the science and technology they’re built upon.” Owned by AOL since 2005, Engadget publishes its content in six different languages, produces a podcast, a live monthly show, and a mobile app. Last week Engadget introduced a new website redesign and a new logo designed by Gino Reyes in collaboration with the Engadget team.

With the new identity we focused on streamlining the entire brand, creating clean, harmonious proportions and a system of consistent geometries. Paring down many of the logo’s excess shapes doesn’t just make the logo dramatically simpler, it also becomes far more balanced to look at.

We also used the logo as metaphor, referencing what’s at the core of Engadget’s world: the personal technology devices we use today. Just about every device in the world has the same thing in common: a screen with hard edges enclosed in a body with soft, human-safe corners. This metaphor of machine and man — hard and soft — informs the smooth corners and the sharply sculpted negative spaces of our letters.

Engadget blog post

New Logo for Engadget by Gino Reyes
Logo and icon detail.
New Logo for Engadget by Gino Reyes
Logo grid.
New Logo for Engadget by Gino Reyes
Pixel-hinted icon at different sizes for sharp resolution.
New Logo for Engadget by Gino Reyes
Pixel-hinted logo at different sizes for sharp resolution. Love that attention to detail!

It’s a different kind of world when logo redesigns for blogs are as big news as logo redesigns for Fortune 500 companies — some blogs, like Engadget, may actually engage more people routinely than many of said companies. Engadget’s old logo was a perfectly acceptable wordmark for a tech blog: it had futuristic-looking letters and an obligatory wi-fi-like signal. Greatest blog logo ever? No, not really. The new logo is far more ambitious in establishing a distinctive aesthetic. It’s no longer just a stock typeface but a custom-drawn set of characters that have a better relation to each other. The angular and grid-based approach exude a Wim Crouwel New Alphabet vibe that is quite welcome. The wordmark’s rhythm is much improved and its best quality is how good (and readable) it looks small. Is it now the best blog logo ever? Still not, but it certainly raises the bar.

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