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New Logo for European Tour



Noted Oct. 7, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1972) “The PGA European Tour is an organisation which operates the three leading men’s professional golf tours in Europe: the elite European Tour, the European Senior Tour and the developmental Challenge Tour. Its headquarters are at Wentworth Club in Virginia Water, Surrey, England. The European Tour is the primary golf tour in Europe. The European Tour was established by the British-based Professional Golfers’ Association, and responsibility was transferred to an independent PGA European Tour organisation in 1984.[1] Most events on the PGA European Tour’s three tours are held in Europe, but in recent years an increasing number have been held in other parts of the world outside Europe; in 2015 a majority of the ranking events on the European Tour were held outside Europe, though this included both Majors and World Golf Championship events that are ranking events for multiple tours.” (Wikipedia)

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Golf’s global tour has unveiled its new identity, which includes a modern, fresh logo alongside a new website and App, all underpinned by the Tour’s guiding principles of Innovation, Inclusivity and Globality.

The brand refresh focuses on ‘Driving Golf Further’, the strapline which features underneath the new logo, as the Tour seeks to build on its strong, established reputation for award-winning content, innovative tournament formats and immersive technology.

European Tour press release

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New Logo for European Tour
New Logo for European Tour
Logo, inverse.
New Logo for European Tour
Related logos.
Logo introduction. Some actual animations and identity stuff after the “funny” part.

The old logo was pretty bad, with a bland player silhouette (wearing a dopey hat, sorry golfers) and some terrible font that matched the equally terrible half-rounded corners, half-not-rounded corners of the holding shape. A swing and a miss, which I know is not something you say in golf but I felt like saying. The new logo is quite good, with the “T” serving as the tee for a nicely abstracted golf ball with decent accompanying typography. The logo works best on dark backgrounds where the notch on the “T” looks like an actual shadow and the white gradient on the ball takes on more dimension. The sub-brands look good as well and it’s a pretty good deal that the logo can take a sponsor wordmark if needed and still maintain a quick visual connection to the main logo. Some good stuff happening in the animation with an unexpected “click” mnemonic when the tee presses down sounding somewhere between a mouse click and a tee squelching into grass. Overall, this looks like a positive change, especially since this takes the logo away from the NBA/MLB silhouette logo structure that feels out of place in Europe.

Thanks to Nick Senior for the tip.

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