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New Logo for Geek Squad by Replace



Noted Aug. 5, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1994) “Geek Squad is the first national 24-hour task force dedicated to relieving the world’s tech stress. Comprised of highly skilled and specially trained computing Agents, home entertainment installers (GSIs), Autotechs and appliance repairers (GSRs), our 20,000 active Agents patrol technology online, on the phone, at Geek Squad Precincts in all U.S. Best Buy® stores and at service centers nationwide.”

Design by

Replace (Minneapolis, MN)

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The goal was to modernize the logo without losing hard-earned brand equity, recognizability, and character. While embracing the existing oval shape, Replace used contemporary, customized typography that was carefully architected to be hyper-legible under demanding technical circumstances. This design work was created to capture the same fun, approachable nature held by the original logo.

The new typographic solution, a bold sans-serif, utilizes strong geometric shapes that speak to trustworthiness and technical know-how. It also reflects the dynamic innovation and unique charm of the Geek Squad brand. The characters themselves are playful, optimistic, and unique. This speaks to the approachable and authentic brand voice of Geek Squad. Since this new mark was optimized for maximum legibility, it thrives in small-scale environments and pulls the brand further into the expanding digital conversation. The end result is a sophisticated brand identity that Geek Squad agents, fans, and clients can utilize and champion for decades.

Replace project page

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New Logo for Geek Squad by Replace
Logo detail.
New Logo for Geek Squad by Replace
Underlying grid.
New Logo for Geek Squad by Replace
New Geekmobile.
New Geekmobile video.

If ever there was a logo that benefitted from being bad, clumsy, and dorky, this was it. The old logo was, well, bad, clumsy, and dorky — that "q"! and that "k"! — but it was very much on point with the premise of a bunch of geeks for hire, in a time before geeks ruled the world. It was by no means a good logo and if they tried to pull that off today as their new logo it would get eaten alive, starting by me, I won't deny it. The new logo represents the growth of the Geek Squad — 20,000 "agents" driving an estimated 12.6 million miles a year making house calls — and is more on par with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store than it is with the not-had-a-bath-in-a-week, dorm-room guy vibe the old logo was rocking. As a logo it's perfectly fine, it's professional, and it looks like shit will get fixed (or installed). Despite trying to keep some quirk in the "k", the logo is perhaps now too polished and nice, with less personality. The Geekmobile, previously a fleet of adorbs VW Beetles, is being replaced with Toyota Priuseses that will reduce the carbon footprint of the Geek Squad by a lot… dragging its geek quotient down with it . Overall, a change that makes a lot of sense and is perfectly serviceable but a small loss for the endangered species of non sans serif, weird-ass logos.

Thanks to Zac Cosner for the tip.

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