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New Logo for Golf Channel by Troika



Noted Dec. 17, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1995) “Golf Channel is a multimedia, golf entertainment and services company based in Orlando, Fla. Golf Channel, co-founded by Arnold Palmer in 1995 and now part of the NBC Sports Group, is available in more than 120 million homes and 83 countries worldwide. Exclusive partnerships with the world’s top tours allow Golf Channel to feature more live golf coverage than all other networks combined, as well as a programming schedule distinguished by golf’s highest-quality news, instruction and original programming.”

Design by

Troika (Los Angeles, CA)

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Golf Channel press release

Relevant quote
Golf Channel today unveiled a new logo for the network, reflecting its ever-evolving golf media businesses within the NBC Sports Group. […] "The new logo and its custom font visually synchronizes Golf Channel's ever-growing portfolio of businesses and creates brand consistency across all Golf Channel and NBC platforms that are rooted in golf."

Golf Channel press release

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New Logo for Golf Channel by Troika
Logo detail.

That poor NBC peacock logo is going to be meaningless in twenty years, when everything associated with NBC is wearing it like a piece of jewelry. (See parent company Comcast take on the logo too). I get it: putting the peacock in there builds instant association to the network but I think it's a great disservice to the icon. Next thing you know the actual NBC channel will have to have a peacock next to the peacock to confirm its original use. Additionally: the typography on this is too awkward.

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