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New Logo for Guga Kuerten by LDC



Noted Feb. 19, 2016 by Armin

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Gustavo Kuerten, born September 10, 1976, also known as Guga, is a retired former World No. 1 tennis player from Brazil. He won the French Open three times (1997, 2000, and 2001), and was the Tennis Masters Cup champion in 2000, becoming the only player to defeat Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in the same major tournament. Kuerten suffered many problems with injuries which led him to miss a number of tournaments between 2002 and 2005. After a few failed attempts of comebacks, he retired from top-level tennis in May 2008. Kuerten is commonly known as Guga, an affectionate nickname which is a common abbreviation of the name Gustavo in Portuguese-speaking countries.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

LDC (São Paulo, Brazil)

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Relevant quote
"The brand promotes communion between my name and the court," said Guga, shortly after the presentation of the video that showed the spelling of the new brand. For Guga Ketzer, president of LDC, largely responsible for the construction of the new brand was the very Gustavo Kuerten. "He built the mark of a hero. Our job was to find his name on the court, "said the agency responsible for signing the branding work.

Guga blog post (Google translated)

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New Logo for Guga Kuerten by LDC
Logo detail.
New Logo for Guga Kuerten by LDC
Guga Kuerten with Jose Augusto “Guga” Ketzer, president and partner of LDC. Nickname similarity is a fun coincidence.
Logo presentation.

The previous logo was Guga's signature so you can't go wrong with that as a personal brand but it lacked originality and marketability (aka the swag could sell a lot better). The new logo isn't only more original and marketable it's as tennis-esque as you can get before succumbing to visual clichés. The GUGA letters, as the video reveals, are crops from the tennis court lines that happen to work as fabulously abstract, geometric, and minimal representations of "G", "U", and "A" — try that on for size, Novak Djokovic (current No. 1 player). It's a smart, relevant logo and one that looks great; even the Helvetica next to it shines. It also helps the overall brand that Guga's smile is insanely happy and makes you cheer for anything he does.

Thanks to Rodrigo Saiani for the tip.

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