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New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio



Noted Aug. 23, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1923) “Halo Burger is one of the oldest hamburger chains in the United States and originated in Flint, MI way back in 1923. Originally called Kewpee, the company served its first hamburger out of a ‘boxcar’ style wagon on Harrison St. in Downtown flint.” Halo Burger employs about 400 people in Southeast Michigan and has 16 locations.

Design by

Skidmore Studio (Detroit, MI)

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio
Full logo. Please note: I think the SVG file I got from their site is somehow mangled as I doubt the “BURGER” part is meant to look like a 1990s grunge CD cover. Or maybe it is… it’s a crazy world out there so who knows.
New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio
Logo detail.
New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio
New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio
Food truck.
New Logo for Halo Burger by Skidmore Studio
Less picturesque but better resolution. I love how they pulled the halo and star from the logo on the back of the truck to pair with the tagline.

The old logo was not good. The halo was extra swooshy and the typography was extra italic-y, plus that "B" was out of control ugly. Beyond aesthetics, it felt like a second- or third-rate burger franchise even though it's quite a popular place and is considered a pretty good burger. The new logo elevates the franchise instantly with a very well executed piece of lettering that makes great use of the "H" to hook the halo around. The little star is a great detail and the "alo" part nestles in quite nicely under and next to the "H". The "BURGER" part, as I mention in the captions below, is hopefully a case of poor SVG construction and is meant to be some form of basic Gotham but ended up something else. Still, the main Halo logo is great and it looks kick-ass on the truck.

Thanks to Robert "Mongoose" Armstrong for the tip.

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