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New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order



Noted Apr. 25, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2005) “HuffPost has over 90 sections globally, covering politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women’s interest, local news and so much more. We’ve won a Pulitzer. We have the best technology team in the business. HuffPost has over 100,000 bloggers and nearly 200 million monthly unique visitors (comScore). We are passionate. We are entrepreneurial. We are life learners who want to make a difference. We love working here because HuffPost provides an environment where we are empowered to take big risks, and because we are encouraged to care about what really matters.”

Design by

Work-Order (New York, NY)

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We fell in love with the new typeface (National, for all you font nerds) because it’s strong and a little quirky. The bold italic carries the eye forward, in the same way our brand has grown and evolved over the last 12 years. The shapes are the evolution of an early concept our collaborators at the creative strategy firm Work-Order presented us, which featured a forward slash to either side of the name. We loved it because, again, they point us forward, but are also reminiscent of the slashes in URLs.

We landed on this final version because we love what happens when the two shapes join together as the new icon for our apps and social channels. The mark itself forms a road, a slash, an abstract H ― everyone sees something different, and we embrace all the possibilities. We’ve also updated our signature green, the color audiences associate with HuffPost, and brightened it for this new era.

HuffingtonPost post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
Before-after animation.
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
“H” opening animation.
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
“H” closing animation.
New Logo for HuffPost by Work-Order
Sample headline.

The old logo was one of those non-logos that became a known logo through sheer repetition more than any visual or conceptual merit. Although I had gotten used to it, it’s not something I will miss by any means. The new logo is almost the polar opposite — if it were typeset in lowercase then it would be a full-on revolution — and establishes a much more evident wordmark that is clearly a logo and not just some typeset sentence. The uppercase italic approach conveys a sense of urgency and in-your-face-ness that goes very will with its fierce pace of publishing and happens to be a very handsome piece of design, typeset in Klim Type Foundry’s National. The wordmark is book-ended by a couple of green stubs that turn the italic text into a neat squared-off rectangle but they also form the new icon/monogram that is meant to be an abstract “H”, which… it’s a bit of a stretch as it’s missing a key component of an “H”, which is the crossbar. But I’m happy to take a leap of faith and believe readers will see an “H” but even if they, or I, don’t it makes for a catchy little bug that works great in animation to open and close video segments and serve as the social media avatar. Also, embracing its HuffPost shorthand is a nice move verbally and visually to minimize the amount of real estate needed to mention its own name or show its own logo. Overall, a much needed update and one that looks crisp and contemporary.

Thanks to Eric Wagner for the tip.

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Logo Before & After
“H” Animation

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