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New Logo for IKEA by Seventy Agency and 72andSunny Amsterdam



Noted Apr. 11, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1943) “IKEA is a Swedish-founded multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other useful goods and occasionally home services. It has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since at least 2008. It was founded in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old carpenter, Ingvar Kamprad, who was listed by Forbes in 2015 as one of the ten richest people in the world, worth more than $40 billion. The company’s name is an acronym that consists of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad (name of founder), Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, southern Sweden). As of November 2018, there are 424 IKEA stores operating in 52 countries.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Seventy Agency (Stockholm, Sweden)
72andSunny Amsterdam

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Relevant quote
The brief was to:

– Redraw the logo to increase legibility.
– Ensure optimization of the IKEA logo for both digital and physical use in small and large sizes.
— The new IKEA logo shouldn't require re-registration of the trademark.
— The new IKEA logo must co-exist and be used in close proximity to the old logo for a period of time.

We wanted to maintain the unique characteristics of the original iconic design, but make subtle, yet impactful changes to the logo for a better experience across all formats.

One of these changes was increasing the optical size of the brand name. By changing the proportions of the box and oval, we increased the letter size by 15%. Creating a bigger brand presence within the same amount of media space.

By refining and redrawing the letters, e.g. reducing the flares, the new IKEA logo is now optimized for both digital formats and small print formats. We also increased the counters in letter E and A for greater legibility.

The ® was moved from outside the logo to be incorporated into the design, enabling an easier alignment of the logo.

The updated IKEA blue and yellow colors will take on a larger branding role, aiding the experience of IKEA in current and new meeting points. The new colors make it easier to reproduce the logo more consistently. They are now optically enhanced, optimized for individual color experiences, even when they are not sitting next to each other.

Seventy Agency provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for IKEA by Seventy Agency and 72andSunny Amsterdam
New Logo for IKEA by Seventy Agency and 72andSunny Amsterdam
Before and after comparison, strokes.
New Logo for IKEA by Seventy Agency and 72andSunny Amsterdam
Before and after comparison, multiply. (Color on the before logo is to make the changes more evident when multiplying.)

Looking at the header image you are probably all, like, “Nah, it’s the same”, and that was my initial reaction when I got the tip. Luckily, the international site and the U.S. site each had an SVG file so I was able (and now you are too) to look at all the adjustments they made. Most “notable” is the increased height of the oval that allows the letters to be a tad bigger. The flares in the letters have been reduced, which were particularly busy in the old “E”, making that letter look heavier. The counterspaces of the “A” have been opened up and the angles of the “K” have been modified. The “I” still floats a little on the left but that’s a hard word to kern. Is the new version better? Maybe. Is the slight change worth the hassle of updating things? I’m not so sure. I’m usually a big proponent of little tweaks that allow a logo to perform better but I don’t think this is such a huge technical improvement that it merits the headache of making sure all new communications use the new logo instead of the old one and I doubt any of the stores will be updating their big-ass signs. But, hey, it’s IKEA’s world, we just live in it — so, göod for them.

Thanks to Ville Oké for the tip.

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Logo Before & After
Before/After Comparison

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