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New Logo for Life is Good



Noted Aug. 6, 2015 by Armin

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Life is Good is a New England-based apparel and accessories wholesaler, retailer, and lifestyle brand founded in 1994 and best known for its optimistic T-shirts and hats, many of which feature a smiling stick figure named Jake and the registered trademark “Life is good.” The Life is good Company spreads the power of optimism and donates 10 percent of its net profits to help kids in need. The company has raised more than $11 million for kids in need to date, principally through Life is good products, events and community fundraising efforts.

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New Logo for Life is Good
Logo detail.
New Logo for Life is Good
Merchandise with the new logo.

I've never understood the success or appeal of these t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. Don't get me wrong, their mission is wholesome and intentions good, but that whole hippie vibe and annoying stick figure mascot is really questionable. For a sample of the old look here is a Google Image search for "Life is Good". Ugh, right? Nonetheless, as much as I personally don't care for it, changing the logo from that quirky typography to something much more normal seems like a very risky move since what makes this so recognizable is that goopy type. Maybe it has to do that it's first wave of buyers has grown up and wants to keep supporting the company but isn't quite interested in sporting the much more child-like graphics. On the website and social media accounts, the smiling Jake stick figure is almost nowhere to be seen so maybe he's being phased out too. About the logo itself… it's too generic and the black type on the yellow circle is too harsh and they don't feel like they belong together. The wobbly circle is the one remnant of the old look and feel but I doubt that's enough to appeal to loyal fans. Overall, life may be good but this logo is not. At least not for this company.

Thanks to John Dorcas for the tip.

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