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New Logo for Lord + Taylor



Noted Mar. 4, 2019 by Armin

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“Since 1826, Lord + Taylor has built a reputation for service, quality and style. Today, our stores — together with lordandtaylor.com — are an inspired mix of top styles and timeless classics. Lord + Taylor is an American tradition with a rich history and culture to be proud of. We’re a store of firsts: Not only are we the oldest American store of its kind, but we were the first to open a branch location, the first to offer personal shopping, the first to champion emerging designers —Â and the first to have a female president. Our legacy is a grounding influence in everything we do. As we move into the future, you will see exciting new services tailored to you, an expanded assortment of colors and sizes, and well-deserved rewards for being a loyal L+T shopper. Shopping with us is now faster, easier and smarter. We’re always here for you, your family and your community, and look forward to our future together.”

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Lord + Taylor
Logo evolution.
New Logo for Lord + Taylor
New logo introduction.
New Logo for Lord + Taylor
New Logo for Lord + Taylor
Monogram in use.
New Logo for Lord + Taylor
Lord + Taylor’s social media team wore out their copy-paste keys with this reply over and over on their Facebook profile pic.

Like the 2015 update, this new logo comes with a terrible rollout as the old logo is still visible on the home page but updated on all social media channels and no explanation given to its clients, which is why the images used in this post are relatively crappy as there is no proper announcement. Not that that would make things better as this is probably the most misguided change I have seen in a while. The 2015 logo was already a step down from the original, adopting a Sharpie aesthetic that made Lord & Taylor look more Forever 21 than necessary. (Seems like I missed an update to that logo at some point as the most recent logo is a slightly better segue from the original.) The new logo now makes Lord + Taylor (with a plus sign instead of an ampersand) look more like Sears or JCPenney. Perhaps there is some magical research that validates this change but without being privy to it, as most customers are, this is a really awkward and drastic change, which could potentially be forgiven if the execution of this were on point, but it’s not. The full logo, with the yellow square, is unbalanced and literally a waste of space as there is no value in all the space above and below the name. The center of the plus sign could at least align with the stem of the “R” and the stroke’s thickness could relate to something but neither does it right. The “L+T” monogram could have worked if the counterspaces were perfectly balanced but, again, they are not, and what’s left is an overpowering plus sign. I will not be surprised when they change this again in a year (or less).

Thanks to Brian Carney for the tip.

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