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New Logo for Miami FC


Noted Aug. 12, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2015) “MIAMI FC is Miami’s sole professional soccer Club, beginning to play in the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 2016. The club will compete in the U.S. Open Cup and will host international tournaments and friendly matches. MIAMI FC will play its home games in one of the existing world-class stadiums of Miami. International entrepreneur Riccardo Silva and world-renowned soccer superstar Paolo Maldini have teamed up as co-owners to launch Miami Football Club (MIAMI FC) and bring Miami’s professional soccer into the world stage.”

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The badge is laid out in the shape of a shield, which serves to represent the team's self-confidence and fighting spirit. Along with the design's emblematic contour, the base of the badge features swirls, which convey the sway of a palm trees' fronds lining the city's streets. The ball-styled globe creates a unique symbol that represents the team's commitment to soccer and reflects that Miami is a place that embraces all of the Americas. For the seal, the lettering features a clean-cut, yet stylized sans-serif font that is reminiscent of Miami's iconic Art Deco history.

The color selection is introduced by an intense shade of orange that embodies the adventurous spirit of Miami's community and iconic sunsets setting over its horizon. Complementing the orange centerpiece, the blue base, reminiscent of Miami's infinite skies, originates from the football club's commitment to teamwork and undying purpose. The final touch of aqua is integral to the design as a whole, as it pays homage to the vast oceans that surround Miami's scenic coasts.

Miami FC press release

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New Logo for Miami FC
Logo detail.
New Logo for Miami FC
Secondary logo.
Logo introduction. Very self-assured.

No surprises here: soccer ball, check; shield, check; FC, check; hurricane graphic… check? They claim that the orange shapes are "swirls, which convey the sway of a palm trees' fronds lining the city's streets" but, no, sorry, that's a hurricane. Which is in itself not a bad metaphor for a sports team since it implies speed and strength but more since more storms hit Florida than any other U.S. state it makes for a more touchy subject. The soccer-globe-ball thing is charming and surprisingly well done but somewhat unnecessary. The typography is fine and fits appropriately in the shield. The colors are bright and attractive too. I wouldn't deem this a win but it could have been a lot worse — see Miami Marlins.

Thanks to Eddie Lopez for the tip.

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