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New Logo for Ministry of Sound by Spin



Noted Jun. 13, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1991) “Ministry of Sound started out as a nightclub in London, but has since diversified into a multimedia entertainment business. In addition to the nightclub, it is an independent record label and worldwide events brand with a radio station and other media outlets.” (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for Ministry of Sound by Spin
Logo detail.
Logo animation.
New Logo for Ministry of Sound by Spin
Logo, sprayed.
New Logo for Ministry of Sound by Spin
Logo for M25 Festival.

In a nutshell, Ministry of Sound is the "the home of dance music", and as someone who is dance-averse I speak with little authority on the philosophical/cultural/metaphysical appropriateness of either old or new logos. With that disclaimer out of the way, I can say that both logos seem appropriate in different ways and they are equally good ways of skinning a cat. The old logo was almost like a parody, looking like a ministry seal with a kinky medieval vibe. The new logo is cool in a different, minimalist way with an implied "M" and arches that echo the type-holding-shapes of the old logo. Maybe at some point the logo will be accompanied by some typography that spells out what it's for because it still doesn't have the ubiquity of the Nike swoosh. On their website they are starting to use the arches as holding elements for photos and graphics, which will start to build out into a nice visual language. Overall, it looks like the logo is being set-up to be used as an endorsement mark, like a publisher's logo on the spine of a book so that all of Ministry of Sound's initiatives are always punctuated by this mark.

Thanks to Andy Evans for the tip.

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