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New Logo for Morrisons



Noted Mar. 29, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1899) “From a humble market stall to a modern supermarket, today Morrisons is proud to be the UK’s fourth largest supermarket retailer. We currently have over 470 stores nationwide and eleven million customers who visit our stores each week. We also employ over 130,000 colleagues who work hard each day to deliver a fantastic service and genuine commitment to high quality fresh food.”

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Ad campaign: Publicis London

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Morrisons
Logo detail.
New Logo for Morrisons
Logo variations registered for trademark.
New Logo for Morrisons
The Merrion Centre store, first to show the updated look.
New Logo for Morrisons
Some images of Morrisons Daily stores. (Source)
Easter TV spot. Logo animation at the end.
Doughnuts TV spot, establishing the “[Blank], Morrisons Makes It” message.

This opinion is unavoidably from an outsider's perspective as I'm sure many of our UK readers have a better understanding of Morrisons and their experience shopping there. The old logo looked like a discount grocery, which is not meant as a negative critique. The slab serif logo felt utilitarian and had a no-nonsense quality to it with a slightly playful bent in the oval. Seems to me like the logo was in proper sync with the stores and their offerings. The new logo feels like it's going more for an artisanal, gourmet-ish, higher-end aesthetic, which is also a valid approach. The wordmark is nice and the "M" is distinctive enough to stand out. The tree leaves are nicely drawn and spread about, bursting upwards from the wordmark. It reminds me a bit of the Cigna logo. The tree motif is probably meant to indicate freshness and getting produce from the source. As a designer, I still like the old look more but this feels better suited for a large grocery chain trying to compete with smaller, more contemporary stores.

Thanks to Philip Wong for the tip.

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