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New Logo for New America by Simple.Honest.Work. and Mike McQuade



Noted Sep. 22, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 1999) “New America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C.. New America is dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the digital age. Our hallmarks are big ideas, impartial analysis, pragmatic policy solutions, technological innovation, next generation politics, and creative engagement with broad audiences.”

Design by

Mike McQuade

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Today, we're launching a new website, along with our new logo and mission statement. We have spent a year thinking about who we are, what we do best, and what we are committed to. Having a new face to present to the world symbolizes all of that. Of course, these moments always seem to mean more to the people behind them (us) than in front of them (you), but let me just say a few words about our new look.

First, it represents how we approach our work. As a civic enterprise committed to the renewal of American politics, prosperity and promise, we knew we needed a fresh face, as we'd been using the same logo and visual identity since our founding in 1999. We hope, in your first moments with us, you'll see these as new, just as we see ourselves as representing new solutions, fresh thinking, and big ideas that continue America's tradition of reinventing itself.

New America blog post

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New Logo for New America by Simple.Honest.Work. and Mike McQuade
Icon detail.
New Logo for New America by Simple.Honest.Work. and Mike McQuade
Sign with new logo.

The old logo was quite ambiguous in what it stood for and could have easily been for a financial assets management company or real estate or some other non-profit. The new logo is clearly about America but presented in an attractive, minimalist icon and the lack of a red-white-and-blue is quite refreshing. I like that the flag icon looks almost like morse code, conveying a sense of urgency. The typography is funky and plays will the hipster-lite flavor of the icon.

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