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New Logo for Nintendo Switch


Noted Oct. 21, 2016 by Armin

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Nintendo Switch is an upcoming home/portable video game console hybrid developed by Nintendo. Officially unveiled in October 2016, it is currently scheduled for release worldwide in March 2017, 6 years after the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and 5 years after the launch of the Wii U. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device; the Switch console is a tablet-like portable console, which can be inserted into a docking station connected to a television to use it as a home console. Despite this characteristic, Nintendo still markets the Switch as primarily being a home console rather than a portable. The Switch features two detachable wireless controllers, called Joy-Cons, which can be used individually or attached to a grip to provide a traditional gamepad form.” (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for Nintendo Switch
New Logo for Nintendo Switch
First look at the Nintendo Switch. (In that first segment, that dog’s owner? What a dick.)

The icon references the new controllers pretty directly, mimicking their shape and the position of the sticks but it also has a bit of a yin yang composition that metaphorically speaks to the power of the two controllers to work for one player or two. Perhaps it also looks like a face… a face that has been playing Nintendo for 7 hours with one eye melting below the nose. It also reminds me of Pong somehow, which is not a bad thing. The icon is not the most imaginative but it's representative and it will work nicely as a quick device to show whether a game is compatible with the Switch. The typography is fairly nondescript, neither great nor bad, although the "NINTENDO" part might be a tad over-spaced. Overall, it's a decent logo but more than that it's a nicely positioned contrast to Xbox's more elaborate and flashy logo and aesthetics.

Thanks to Diane Faye for the tip.

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