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New Logo for Ontario PC Party



Noted Mar. 14, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1854) “The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario often shortened to Ontario PC Party or PC, is a right-of-centre political party in Ontario, Canada. It governed the province for 80 of the 148 years since Confederation, including an uninterrupted run from 1943 to 1985. It is the Official Opposition in the current Legislative Assembly of Ontario.” (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for Ontario PC Party
Logo detail.
New Logo for Ontario PC Party
Icon. Someone needs to learn how to flatten logo files properly before exporting for web (meaning those white lines in the green overlaps).
Video explaining the new logo. The good stuff begins at the 1:25 mark although if you like typography that behaves like stiff banners dropping down from imaginary ceilings then the whole 3:04 is full of good stuff.

Disclaimer: I am not going to get into the politics of what the logo represents because I would have no idea what I'm talking about; I will let our Canadian readers chime in with those opinions.

The old logo looked very mean and oppressive, with its XXL "PC" and a trillium — a flower common to North America and also the logo of Ontario — that looked like a radioactive icon and was overall heavily outdated, which is a problem the new one does manage to resolve by having a relatively fresh and contemporary aesthetic. The "P" and "C" have been fused drastically and there could have been something interesting about it but the revised trillium is far too distracting and prominent, making it look more like an environmental organization. The party seems to be making an effort to address environmental concerns but this starts to give off more Prius vibes than necessary. The wordmark is okay, employing all available weights of Gotham to convey growth. Unfortunately, with the full logo lock-up, I keep reading Contariopc. Overall, the new logo is better by comparison to the old but it isn't necessarily good.

Thanks to Laura Rosenthal for the tip.

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