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New Logo for Origin



Noted Apr. 27, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2000) “Origin is proudly Australia’s leading integrated energy company - exploring, generating and delivering energy solutions locally and internationally. We deliver today’s energy needs to more than 4 million electricity, natural gas and LPG customers, making us Australia’s largest energy retailer. With significant investments in gas exploration and renewable energy technologies such as geothermal, hydro, wind and solar, we’re also searching for and creating tomorrow’s energy solutions. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. At Origin, we live our Purpose, Principles, Values and Commitments. They guide our decisions and underpin everything we do.”

Design by

Ad Campaign by TBWA Melbourne (unclear if they did the logo too)

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New Logo for Origin
New Logo for Origin
New Logo for Origin
Brand positioning logo-y thing.
TV spot.

The old logo wasn’t good but if you consider that someone presented and someone approved those squiggles and both parties agreed this was good, this could have been a lot worse. The new logo maintains the equity of the old one by keeping the big ring as the icon, softening it with a gradient and placing what now looks like an abstract human figure at its center… or it’s a sun setting behind a mountain… or it’s something else. Who knows. But I’ll admit that, in its ambiguousness, it’s a pleasant-looking icon open to interpretation. The new wordmark keeps the all-lowercase, no-tittle approach but changes to a geometric sans with a quirky “g” that sort of echoes the two circles in the icon. It’s kind of clunky but mostly fine. The logo looks convincingly good on that signage against the stark white backgrounds. The ad annoys me but I won’t get much into that. Overall, it’s definitely an improvement, mostly because the old one looked so dated.

Thanks to Jordan Gardiner for the tip.

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