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New Logo for REI



Noted Oct. 29, 2015 by Armin

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REI is a specialty outdoor retailer, headquartered near Seattle. Founded in 1938, REI is now the nation’s largest consumer co-op. Its growing community of 5.5 million active members expect and love the best quality gear, inspiring expert classes and trips, and outstanding customer service. REI has 142 stores in 34 states.”

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New Logo for REI
Logo detail.
REI’s #OptOutside campaign with new logo.

Without fanfare or announcement, REI has subtly updated its logo. The biggest change is the inclusion of "co-op" in the logo, which is really rare as most logos drop stuff instead of adding stuff, i.e., Starbucks Coffee to Starbucks. Perhaps REI wants to be more associated with the notion of a co-op and be known for being a store for the people. Other changes include adding a downward slope to the tree to accommodate the new text, tapered mountains, an extended "R", and half rounded corners on the letters. The "R" remains weird as heck and none of the other changes make the logo that much better or that much worse. Perhaps the tree is nicer. The "co-op" lettering and diamond have nothing to do with anything else in the logo. It's a shame, really… the REI brand could be so much cooler, bolder, distinctive, and daring than either the previous logo or this timid update.

Thanks to Evan Moss for the tip.

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