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New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base



Noted Feb. 25, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1983) “Studio Brussel (often shortened StuBru) is a Dutch-speaking radio station in Belgium, owned by the VRT. The music played is considered more alternative than the other big radio stations, and is aimed mainly at a youth audience. The channel is an initiative of the Flemish Government and is financed principally by taxes.” (Wikipedia)

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Several main concepts drove the approach to the evolution of StuBru:
1/ Music first. Love for music is the shared drive of StuBru’s diverse audiences and activities.
2/ Mix it up. The eclectic mix of music genres allows StuBru to be both for music lovers and casual listeners. The idea of mixing is thus vital for StuBru’s identity.
3/ It's all about fun. StuBru is never too serious. Cheeky. Jokey. Self-deprecating. No taboos. Playing with music. StuBru teaches us about music in a way that is playful and smart, but never intellectually patronizing.
4/ Facilitating expression. An identity designed with the flexibility to allow those who define StuBru–hosts, homies, and the StuBru community–and allow them to take ownership of the brand and make it their own.
5/ A living font. StuBru is more than a radio. It is dynamic, a fact that is reflected in a shape-shifting font with typographic twists.

Base blog post

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New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
Stacked version.
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
New Logo for Studio Brussels by Base
Type effect on the website when you scroll.

Perhaps not for a hip radio station, but I kind of liked the old logo and its chunky typography. It looked more like a Belgian Radio Shack or appliance store so it was definitely out of place. Even without knowing the radio station, and only from reading about it, the new logo feels much more in tune even though it’s literally out of tune. The “glitch” idea is not the most novel but applied to the deadpan sans serif in the short name, it looks more radical than it is. When the same effect is applied to larger blocks of text (as in the GIF directly) above, the result is more interesting and the posters and ad do have a slightly rebellious vibe but my main criticism would be how long can this one trick last?

Thanks to Louis Bruyneel for the tip.

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