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New Logo for Telecom Italia by Interbrand



Noted Jan. 14, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1994) “Telecom Italia offers infrastructures and technological platforms on which voice and data become advanced telecommunications services and leading-edge ICT solutions and tools for development for the Group itself and for the entire nation. Telecom Italia, TIM, Olivetti are the Group’s main brands; they are well-known by consumers and are a guarantee of reliability and competence. Up to December 31th 2014, the Group has 66,016 employees, 52,878 in Italy and 13,138 abroad.”

Design by

Interbrand (not sure which office)

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Relevant quote
We have decided to merge the commercial offers of all our market segments under the name of TIM, creating a unified brand that combines the solidity and size of Telecom Italia with the innovative characteristics of TIM. A fusion that reflects a concrete phenomenon: the fixed-mobile convergence, enabled by the internet, new devices, technology and digital platforms. As from today, we will combine the best of TIM and Telecom Italia with a new logo that also marks an important change in the redefinition of our role: from pure telephone operator to an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of enabling platforms: from fixed and mobile ultrabroadband networks to cloud computing through to new generation information technology.

Telecom press release

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Telecom Italia by Interbrand
Logo detail.
Old corporate and consumer logos “morphing” into the new logo. This is like a bad magic trick.

The mountain range icon has accompanied the logo since the start and I'm guessing it was meant to convey some kind of connectivity metaphor. As a corporate icon it's fine and abstract enough to be passable but as a consumer mark it fell short and didn't quite feel like a company that brought you mobile and cable TV services. The new one still feels more like a corporate identity but it's a step in the right direction. It's a rather nice logo with a simple, solid rhythm to it with its three horizontal stripes and three letters forming a nice unit. The "TIM" wordmark is particularly nice in its subtleness to be a proprietary-looking font with small doses of meddling with the letterforms. The striped "T" is no IBM but it does stand a chance to become a recognizable icon. My only complaint would be the shape relationship between the icon and the type because they are almost the same but not really, with the icon having rounder corners, so it's questionable if either one should budge to be like the other one. Nonetheless, a decent evolution that gets rid of the button-like old logo.

Thanks to Giorgio Caviglia for the tip.

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