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New Logo for The Hague



Noted Feb. 8, 2016 by Armin

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The Hague is the international city of peace and justice. A modern metropolis with an extensive history and a variegated population. The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland. The Dutch government and parliament are located in the city, and it is the residence of the royal family.”

This is a new marketing logo, developed as part of The Hague City Branding 2020 project. All businesses, institutions and organizations working to market and promote The Hague may make use of it. It does not replace this official city logo.

Design by

A collective of nine graduates of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague: Dayna Casey, Rogier Rosema, Annebel Schipper, Inês da Costa, Menno de Bruijn, Floris Schrama, Eveline Veldt, Theo-Bert Pot, and Joost Dekker

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Relevant quote
The designers drew their inspiration from the fact that The Hague is world-renowned as the international city of peace and justice and as the city by the sea. […] The logo represents the connection of the diversity in The Hague: an international city of style, but with a no nonsense mentality. Different worlds tied together by the city.

The Hague brand page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for The Hague
New Logo for The Hague
English and Dutch logo detail.
Introduction to wordmark and concept behind it through a series of testimonials. Some logo semi-animations at the end.

The old logo was absolutely terrible so it's a wonderful thing it's flying away. The new logo aims to convey duality through the decades-old trick of mixing a serif and a sans serif. It's not highly innovative and it could apply to a dozen other cities or products or companies but there is something about it that is unequivocally Dutch. The execution is unexpected in how it mixes the two styles in a jarring way. The "H" could have easily been sliced with a vertical stroke but the simple angling of that slice gives a certain edge. I'm undecided whether I like it or not and perhaps that's the point, it manages to be both neutral and divisive in a weird, disarming way.

Thanks to Sam Judson for the tip.

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