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New Logo for Todoist done In-house



Noted Sep. 18, 2015 by Armin

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Todoist is a project management application for personal and professional productivity. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The app is free, though additional features to enable collaboration are available in a paid version. Todoist was created in 2007 by startup Doist. As of June 2014, it has 2 million users.” (Wikipedia)

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Consulting: Khoi Vinh

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People may think that a checkmark is mundane, but we see it as a symbol of the hard work that bridges our goals, dreams, and ambitions to reality. The three checkmarks in the logo represent the plan, the action, and the result. From the start, Todoist has been a community of people who make things happen. We're proud to reflect that in our new identity.

Todoist blog

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Todoist done In-house
Logo detail.
New Logo for Todoist done In-house
Icon structure.
New Logo for Todoist done In-house
Sample app screens. Looks sharp.
Aspirational brand video. Logo animation at the end.

I rarely use "it looks like" as part of my reviewing process but the old logo looked so much like the TD Ameritrade logo it's surprising they haven't been ceased and desisted. Beyond the similarity, the message the old logo conveyed was very passive and even corporate. Perhaps it was a nice metaphor to have some kind of continuous rail-like line connecting the two letters but it didn't feel like a fun app. The new icon is meant to represent three checkmarks — take that Verizon with your one checkmark! — but I first saw a stack of documents (which is not entirely a bad thing) as I like my checkmarks with tighter angles and more space between them. Despite the obligatory construction-grid image below, the positioning of the checkmarks in the square is odd; there is too much space around them. The typography is nice and sharp with also some obligatory notches taken off the corners, particularly noticeable in the "t"s. It's nice that they match the corners of the checkmarks. Most importantly, though, you can see the actual name of the product — the lock-up in the old logo was far too disproportionate. Overall, the new logo very much feels like it represents a contemporary app that permeates its users lives and something you would want to see over and over as you check off (or pile on) your to-do items.

Thanks to Tony Nguyen for the tip.

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