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New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika



Reviewed Nov. 2, 2015 by Armin

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Established in 1970, Turner (full name Turner Broadcasting System) is a media conglomerate that owns over 100 television channels across 200 countries — they count the same channel every time in every country, so it’s not 100 different channels. Some of its most well-known channels-slash-properties include CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, and TBS (Turner Broadcasting Station, the very first channel). Turner is also well known because of its founder, Ted Turner, media mogul, philanthropist, and husband to Jane Fonda for ten years. Last week, without any announcement, Turner introduced a new logo. No design credit given. It was designed by Troika.

New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika
Logo detail.
New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika
Social media icon.

Some parent companies recede in the background. Not Turner. I haven’t watched much of its channels in recent years but in the late 1990s, early 2000s I was always aware that Turner was behind those channels. The famous owner also helped in establishing a link between the Turner name and television. The previous logo has been around for a long time, since the mid 1980s, and it’s a really awkward logo, with hints of Paul Rand’s non-published Ford logo and Pirelli but it’s built plenty of equity in such a long period of time. The new logo keeps one of the quirkier elements of the old one in the form of the “r”s with the dots as well as the unicase approach. Despite my disdain for unicase, I am happy to admit that this is a great wordmark and a perfect evolution of the old logo.

The new one has a really nice rhythm created by the italics and even though there are some naturally strange counterspaces (like the one between the “r” and and “n”) it holds up together well as a whole. I imagine people not familiar with the name or brand might first read it as “Tui nei” with misplaced tittles but I think Turner has enough notoriety that the businesses it does business with know who they are doing business with.

New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika
New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika

That first pattern is somehow very hot.

New Logo for Turner Broadcasting System by Troika
Sizzle reel.

Not much in terms of application other than the punchy promo video above for all its channels that shows a penchant to echo the angle of the wordmark and some bold uses of color and type size. The brief logo animation at the end is nice as well. Overall, even without that much to see, this has a great energy that gives Turner a contemporary look while still coming across as the corporate behemoth it is.

Thanks to Peter Karpick for the tip.

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