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New Logo for Udemy done In-house with Duncan Channon



Noted Oct. 26, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2010) “Udemy was founded in 2010 with the aim of improving lives through learning. Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where more than 17 million students learn from an extensive library of 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors in over 60 different languages. Whether learning for professional development or personal enrichment, students can master new skills through self-paced, on-demand courses, while instructors have a way to share their knowledge with the world. For companies, Udemy for Business offers subscription access to a collection of business-relevant courses as well as a simple platform to host and distribute their own content in one central place. Udemy is privately owned and headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Ireland and Turkey.”

Design by

Duncan Channon
“U” monogram drawing: Underware

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Relevant quote
Our logo is made up of two elements – a symbol and a wordmark. The symbol is handwritten and organic, to emphasize the personal connections being made between our students and instructors. Our wordmark, set in practical sans serif type, is the structure and substance that makes our connections possible.

Our symbol is named the Union, a nod to the millions of connections being made between students and instructors in our marketplace every day. In motion, the two sides come together where knowledge is shared.

New brand introduction page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Udemy done In-house with Duncan Channon
New Logo for Udemy done In-house with Duncan Channon
Monogram animation.
New Logo for Udemy done In-house with Duncan Channon
Color palette. “Our primary color, Durulova, is named after the small village where our story began. Secondary colors are named after emerging cities around the world.”
New Logo for Udemy done In-house with Duncan Channon
Collage of something that sort of shows the new look.
The rebrand committee reminisces on the process. (There is no play button, so just click it to start playing.)

I wasn’t aware of Udemy before writing this but I have hated their old logo forever in an alternate universe where I was aware of Udemy. It may not be that bad but I find this style of sans serif completely ridiculous, annoying, and unpleasant. That poor “u”. Anyway… the new logo is a major improvement, introducing a friendly, bookish “U” monogram done in a swooshy, free, handwritten script that somehow looks like a teacher scribbling a grade on a report. I’m not too keen on the idea of the monogram being a “union”, where the two sides of the “U” are drawn from opposite ends and joining in the center, as it kills the flow of the script, but I also get that it’s meant to convey a concept, so I’ll leave that alone. The monogram makes for a nice stand-alone mark and also pairs really well with the wordmark which — the horror! — is typed like a proper name with an uppercase initial and is typeset in a non-geometric sans serif; given that this is a tech-ish brand, it really is a miracle it’s not a geometric sans serif. There is also a tagline, “Be able”, which is kind of flimsy as a call for action and kind of awkward in its execution; I keep reading “Beable” as a single word and the slab serif introduced feels cheap somehow. Still, a major improvement from what looked like a brand that would get parodied on Silicon Valley to a more robust and mature expression.

Thanks to Ian De Dobbelaere for the tip.

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