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New Logo for Ursinus College by Primer



Noted Dec. 8, 2014 by Armin

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Ursinus College is a private, independent, coeducational, liberal arts college located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1869, Ursinus sits on a 170-acre wooded campus approximately 30 miles from Center City Philadelphia. Ursinus is one of the eleven Centennial Conference schools, a Phi Beta Kappa college, and is a member of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship list, Project Pericles, Project DEEP, the Bonner Leader Program, and the Annapolis Group. The college is also home to the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art, regarded as one of the nation’s finest small-college art museums.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Primer (Hatboro, Pennsylvania)

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Our visual identity reflects the character of Ursinus and conveys it to a range of audiences, from prospective students to alumni.

A committee of faculty, staff, students and alumni worked collaboratively with a design firm during the 2014 fall semester to develop a new visual identity. The priority was to create a look for the college that is creative, cohesive and able to more effectively convey the Ursinus story across a number of platforms.

Ursinus College Visual Identity page

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New Logo for Ursinus College by Primer
Logo detail.
New Logo for Ursinus College by Primer
Shield detail.

I had never heard of Ursinus College — I had to watch a couple of videos to figure out how it's pronounced ("Ur" like fur and "sinus" like where you boogers get stuck) — and there is no further information or visuals but pound for pound this is probable the best redesign of the year. Not because the new logo is great but because the old logo was so, so, so utterly not a logo of any self-respecting kind. Really, really sad. The new "U" shield is far from groundbreaking yet it's fairly nice and looks quite convincing against black. Even the wordmark gets some bonus points for being so unconventional.

Thanks to John Rice for the tip.

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