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New Logo for Zagat by Red Antler



Noted Jul. 27, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1979) “For those looking for standout experiences, Zagat cuts through the clutter of available dining choices and guides you towards the best places, wherever you are. We arrive at this premium selection by collecting and analyzing ratings and reviews from avid diners just like you, as well as through the guidance of our on-the-ground experts. Within this set of select places, we give you even more tools to make decisions. Our top lists and rich editorial content help guide you towards local must-try places. We also pay special attention to trends and openings, and we’re constantly adding the most promising or impressive new restaurants.”

Design by

Red Antler (Brooklyn, NY)

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Beyond giving our logo a fresh coat of paint and new look, we redesigned the app so that it’s centered around you.

Zagat blog post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Zagat by Red Antler
Logo detail.
New Logo for Zagat by Red Antler
Introduction to new mobile app. Gives you a sense of new visual tone.
New Logo for Zagat by Red Antler

If you are yearning for the old logo and those slender maroon guides you are yearning five years too late as Google bought Zagat in 2011 and that clearly indicated a move away from print and into an online-only existence. Overtaken by Yelp and Foursquare in the years since, Zagat is trying to make a comeback with a new iOS app and a new logo. The old one was fine and had an authoritative aesthetic that worked well in its favor. The new logo goes for an unnecessary Art Deco approach that feels like it's trying too hard to liven and lighten up the brand but with no apparent concept or real motive. The single sentence in the blog post about the app really sums it up as nothing more than "a fresh coat of paint" without anything else to it. In the game of "It looks like", it looks like the logo for Menu Pages, which I bring up not just to play the "It looks like" game but to point out that it looks like something else within the range of online-things-that-have-to-do-with-food and feels like a very basic oversight that, to me, signals that the logo change wasn't taken as seriously as it should have. In the end, there is nothing inherently wrong with the new logo — it lacks finesse and of all the ways to do an inline this is the most unimaginative and brusque — but the main problem is that it doesn't build on the opinion-leader status of Zagat and instead looks like a dozen other start-up logos.

Thanks to Efren Castillo for the tip.

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