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New Logos for Saint Louis University by Olson



Noted Nov. 18, 2015 by Armin

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Saint Louis University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution that values academic excellence, life-changing research, compassionate health care, and a strong commitment to faith and service. Founded in 1818, the University fosters the intellectual and character development of more than 13,000 students on two campuses in St. Louis and Madrid, Spain. Building on a legacy of nearly 200 years, Saint Louis University continues to move forward with an unwavering commitment to a higher purpose, a greater good.”

Design by

Olson (Minneapolis, MN)

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Relevant quote
SLU's mark draws inspiration from the region and surrounding landscape. The subtle arches in the fleur-de-lis nod to the city of St. Louis itself and the Gateway Arch. The fluidity of the fleur-de-lis represents the river and symbolizes the movement and change that brings the University's legacy into the future.

"The new Billiken embodies the spirit of our iconic, one-of-a-kind mascot who brings luck to our athletic programs and smiles to the faces of our fans," said Chris May, director of athletics. "Our Billiken has been redesigned a number of times during the last century, and this newest identity system is perfect for today's era of collegiate sports."

SLU press release

Images (opinion after)
New Logos for Saint Louis University by Olson
Logo detail.
New Logos for Saint Louis University by Olson
Elements of the logo fleur-de-lis, the shield, the cross, and the crown.
New Logos for Saint Louis University by Olson
Billiken logo, before and after.
New Logos for Saint Louis University by Olson
Billiken detail.
Explanation about the new logos.

Other than the shape of the fleur-de-lis, there was nothing discernible about the old logo, not even at generous sizes and its typography was quite bad. And by "bad" I mean terrible. The new logo is a very nice rendition of the same elements that now appear as a well thought-out, integrated design rather than the scrapbook look of the old one. The typography is a vast improvement too — although the slightly smaller "University" in the stacked version is tickling my spidey senses. The university's athletics team mascot, the Billiken — read here on what the hell a Billiken is — also got a decent update. Going from a poor man's Dr. Seuss drawing to a surprisingly engaging logo that manages to retain all the quirks that made the old one a student body favorite. Overall, no groundbreaking stuff here but a good, solid redesign.

Thanks to David Altholz for the tip.

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