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New Name and Adopted Logo for Time Warner Cable



Noted Jun. 8, 2016 by Armin

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“Charter Communications has completed the transactions with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. We are proud to be the fastest growing TV, Internet and Voice provider in the United States and are committed to bringing you the most advanced products and services for your home and business.”

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About the merger

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The combined company is Charter Communications and will be marketed under the Spectrum brand name.

About the merger

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New Name and Adopted Logo for Time Warner Cable
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Time Warner Cable is one of the most well known cable, internet, and phone providers in the U.S., even as it trails behind Comcast in customer count. Part of their well-known-ness is that its customers hate it, with passion. Some industry surveys rank it as one of the worst in customer satisfaction. Another part of why it's well known to designers is because of its iconic logo designed by Steff Geissbhuler in 1990 and retouched by The Brand Union in 2010 but in the coming months that logo will be no more. Time Warner Cable will adopt the existing Spectrum brand name and logo — already in use on the market by Charter — which, as you can see, is a joke.

Not a joke as in I'm trying to fool you, a joke as in that thing is a terrible excuse for a logo that's about to represent the second biggest cable provider in the U.S. This is the worst case scenario of the debilitating trend of rounding corners of letters and chopping pieces off just because Illustrator makes it so easy to. Every letter in this wordmark is an insult to good typography. It even makes me wish they had used FF Cocon (and you know I hate that). Hopefully, Charter will recognize their logo's limitations and use the merger as an opportunity to craft something better, or at least something not embarrassing.

Oh, and Bright House Networks... yeah, sucks for you too, even if I have no idea who you are.

Thanks to Barry Townsend for the tip.

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