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New Name and Logo for Cycling UK



Noted Apr. 7, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1878, originally Bicycle Touring Club, most recently Cyclists’ Touring Club) “Cycling UK, formerly known as the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC), is a charitable membership organization supporting cyclists and promoting bicycle use; it is the largest such organisation in the UK. It works at a national and local level to lobby for cyclists’ needs and wants, provides services to members, and organises local groups for local activism and those interested in recreational cycling. Cycling UK began in the nineteenth century with a focus on amateur road cycling but these days has a much broader sphere of interest encompassing everyday transport, commuting and many forms of recreational cycling. Prior to April 2016, Cycling UK operated under the brand CTC, the national cycling charity.” (Wikipedia)

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New Name and Logo for Cycling UK
Logo detail.

For an organization that lists Her Majesty The Queen as their patron, they have a rare talent for how to royally screw up logos. Both old and new are terrible in their own ways. The old one had a cringe-worthy combination of clip art and poor typography that looked more like a road sign near the beach rather than the main cycling organization in the UK. The new one uses FF Cocon that, to me is far more offensive than Comic Sans or Papyrus, and should not be used to make any wordmarks that are meant to be taken seriously. Beyond the poor choice in type, the logo also fails to communicate one key thing and that is its name change to "Cycling UK" not just "Cycling" as it appears right now, with "UK" as a secondary after-thought. "UK" should be on the same typographic level as "Cycling". Nonetheless, there is no saving this logo, which is a shame because cycling is ripe with references that can translate into great visuals.

Thanks to Sean Dooley for the tip.

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