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New Name and Logo for exo by Sid Lee



Noted Jun. 5, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2017) “Exo, formerly the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM; English: Metropolitan Transportation Network) (reporting mark AMT) is a public transit system in the Greater Montreal Region, including the Island of Montreal, Laval (Île Jésus), and communities along both the North Shore of the Rivière des Mille-Îles and the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. It was created on June 1, 2017, taking over from the Agence métropolitaine de transport. The RTM operates Montreal’s commuter rail and metropolitan bus services, and is the second busiest such system in Canada after Toronto’s GO Transit. In May 2018, then the Réseau de transport métropolitain, the agency announced it was changing its denomination to Exo.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Sid Lee

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The RTM was created nearly one year ago by merging 14 entities into one organization. The similarity of names and acronyms used by public transit agencies in Greater Montréal has led to some confusion among the public as to which body was responsible for providing which services. […] Exo is a prefix that means "outer" and is a simple way to reference the territory we serve: Greater Montréal, specifically the North and South shores. Although our train and bus networks also serve customers in Montréal, Laval and Longueuil, the term exo refers to the fact that most of our users have chosen to live outside central Montréal. “Outer” also means escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, and we want our customers to have the same feeling when riding with us. We offer them a worry-free moment where they can ride along safely in a calm environment. It's time they can use to read, nap, catch up on work, or listen to music: time for themselves.

Exo press release

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New Name and Logo for exo by Sid Lee
Logo presentation.

The old logo wasn’t much of a logo and given that the agency was formed last year it’s safe to assume this was seen as an interim solution. The new name is surprisingly… cool. It’s short, it’s easy to say in English and French, and it sounds like you are sending hugs and kisses. The logo is fine but it feels too much like a font out of the box and maybe that’s all this needed to be but, given the shortness, the symmetry, and the fact that there is an “X” in the middle of the name this could have been more interesting. The animation sort of saves it, by implying the “x” is made out of two directional chevrons but that’s only evident if you see it in animation. The small range of application renders shown in the video pair the logo with “allo” (“Hello” in French) and it’s sort of cute and there is an interesting visual synergy between the two elements as well as a good rhythm when you say it or read it. Overall, this has potential and it makes riding a commuter train feel a little less dreary although, on the flip side, it can come across as trying too hard.

Thanks to Matt Kirson for the tip.

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