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New Name and Logo for Iconosquare



Noted Apr. 28, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “As an early adopter of Instagram, Jérome Boudot — CEO — needed to know more about his activity on this creative and emotional application. He gave a small brief to his team on Monday. The first version, called Statigram, came out on Friday: a one-page service with about 10 stats. A week later, 20,000 users had signed up. Progressively, the web agency turned into a start up focusing on this single service and created the first analytics and marketing suite for Instagram. In April 2014 Statigram became Iconosquare. A new identity to better reflect the evolution of the platform. Iconosquare works with your Instagram account to help you grow a social-rich media strategy, effectively interact with your community and measure your efforts with metrics.”

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As of today Statigram is no longer only about analyzing your performance on Instagram it is also about managing your activity and engaging your community. That’s why we have decided to change our name and become Iconosquare. We believe this name perfectly reflects the way our platform has evolved over the last few years.

Iconosquare is the place where images gather, the place where visual content matters.

Iconosquare blog post

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New Name and Logo for Iconosquare
Logo detail.
New Name and Logo for Iconosquare
Icon detail.
New Name and Logo for Iconosquare
Icon explanation.

Most likely a result of Instragram cracking down on related companies — specially those using its API — that use "insta" or "gram" as part of their names, Statigram changed their perfectly clear and concise name to something so generic you want to punch it in its faceless face: Iconosquare. It's amazing how little that name says. The logo, while still alluding to photography, could easily be for any number of second or third tier stock photo agencies. There is nothing in the logo that conveys the usefulness of the service and its statistics. The Location + Lens concept was a good start, it just didn't get very far.

Thanks to Daniel Ignacio for the tip.

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