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New Name and Logo for Keurig Dr Pepper



Noted Aug. 14, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2018) “Keurig Dr Pepper is a leading coffee and beverage company in North America, with annual revenue in excess of $11 billion. Formed in 2018 with the merger of Keurig Green Mountain and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, we have leadership positions in soft drinks, specialty coffee and tea, water, juice and juice drinks and mixers, and we market the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the U.S. We have an unrivaled distribution system that enables our portfolio of more than 125 owned, licensed and partner brands to be available nearly everywhere people shop and consume beverages. With a wide range of hot and cold beverages that meet virtually any consumer need, KDP key brands include Keurig®, Dr Pepper®, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®, Canada Dry®, Snapple®, Bai®, Mott’s® and The Original Donut Shop®. We have more than 25,000 employees and more than 120 offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers across North America.”

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New Name and Logo for Keurig Dr Pepper
New Name and Logo for Keurig Dr Pepper
Shorthand version.
New Name and Logo for Keurig Dr Pepper
Splash graphic.

Both of the old logos were already the result of previous mergers, marrying two semi-related brand names together. Both were somewhat successful functionally and somewhat not-completely-annoying visually. The new logo manages to do the same, functionally marrying things from each of the old logos into one new whole. It takes the splash graphics from Dr Pepper Snapple Group and mashes them with the standalone chevron shape of the “K” from Keurig Green Mountain’s logo. It may not be the prettiest, coolest thing in the world but it signifies a joining of equals. The separation in the “K” is then extended to the “D” in Dr Pepper (and eventually to the “P” in the shorthand version). None of this fills me with joy but I appreciate the corporate heavy-handedness of this. Not sure what happened to the “e”s or “g” along the way, though… those fill me with not joy.

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