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New Name and Logo for LaComer



Noted Apr. 19, 2016 by Armin

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(Est. 1930) “Tiendas Comercial Mexicana S.A. de C.V., colloquially known as La Comercial or La Comer, is a Mexican hypermarket group that operates mainly in Mexico City and Central Mexico. It is owned and operated by Controladora Comercial Mexicana, which also owns Sumesa stores, City Market stores, Alprecio stores and Restaurantes California. Comercial Mexicana, including its different store formats, is the third-largest supermarket chain in Mexico as of 2014.”

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New Name and Logo for LaComer
Logo detail.
New Name and Logo for LaComer
New store (with some crappy type over it).

No information on this one but posting for two main reasons: 1) It has sentimental value, as I accompanied my mom and grandmother to these stores countless times when I was a kid and 2) ohmygod, the new logo uses Impact. Impact! One of the default-est fonts in the world and, most recently, the official font of memes. You would think replacing the old font would lead to something better automatically (as the old wordmark looks as if it got mangled on file export) but of all the typefaces in the world they chose Impact. I guess they saved a ton of money on font licensing. Even if they had chosen something less generic, the new lock-up for the name is very wonky and there is no reasoning for why the "la" sits where it sits. (Where is an underlying grid when you need one?!) The old pelican icon is a Mexican classic and was super recognizable but as much as I like its geometric approach I'll grant that it looks dated. The new icon is fine; it's a decent drawing of a happier pelican and the oval holding shape is unexpected and possibly good but it bears no relation with the typography. The only thing worth mentioning in application is a jumbled pattern of the sliced pelican (seen on the store facade) which is a weird thing to do to your logo unless you are Saks Fifth Avenue and Michael Bierut is doing it. The name change is a little like The Met situation where everybody calls it La Comer, instead of the full Comercial Mexicana, so it makes sense except for making it a joint, camel case word. Overall, I wish someone realized the importance of this update and treated it with more care.

Thanks to Pascual Redondo for the tip.

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