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New Name and Logo for Mr. Cooper



Noted May. 23, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1997) “Nationstar Mortgage offers servicing, origination, and real estate services to financial institutions and consumers. We are one of the largest servicers in the United States, with a residential mortgage servicing portfolio of over $390 billion in unpaid principal balance as of March 31, 2015. Nationstar’s integrated loan origination business mitigates servicing portfolio run-off and improves credit performance for loan investors. Visit NationstarHoldings.com or NationstarMtg.com for more information about Nationstar and how we can serve all your mortgage needs.”

In August 2017, Nationstar will be rebranded as Mr. Cooper.

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Relevant quote
To us, Mr. Cooper is an identity that represents the kind of person who always goes the extra mile for a customer. He stands for avoiding business as usual and does everything he can to help. He has a firm belief that one person can make a big difference. And, that's who we want to be - a company of Coopers. Nearly 7,000 of us.

Mr. Cooper FAQ

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New Name and Logo for Mr. Cooper
Intro video. (Sorry for the weird spacing around the video; it’s a strange video player embed I had not dealt with before.)

The old name and logo were standard-issue finance-y stuff. Easy to forget, easy to confuse with something else, and hard to get excited by. The new name is a head-turner, simply because it’s so unexpected for a loan company or any kind of financial services company. It almost seems trite, like, "Hey, look at us, we called ourselves the name of a man! Isn’t that funny?" but, shit, they did just rename to the name of a man and it’s real. Whether it’s lame or not we will find out in the polls but there is a big leap of faith that had to be taken to adopt the name. I kind of like it or, at least, find it amusing, especially because of all the kinds of associations that you can append before or after that name: Alice, Black, Agent, Sterling Draper Pryce, etc. The lowercase, Clarendon-esque wordmark is charming and has a casual feel that makes you think that, yes, Mr. Cooper probably wears a cardigan. I do find the lowercasing of a proper name troubling but visually it helps soften the blow that this thing is called Mr. Cooper. Lastly, why not Ms. Cooper?

Thanks to Alyssa Jensen for the tip.

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