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New Name and Logo for SapientRazorfish



Noted Mar. 17, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2017) “SapientRazorfish is a new breed of transformation partner designed to help companies reimagine their businesses for the connected world. With more than 12,000 people and 70 offices around the globe, our capabilities span growth and business model strategy, new product and service innovation, customer experience, enterprise digital transformation, IT modernization, omni-channel commerce, precision marketing, change management, digital operations, digital innovation, data strategy and advanced analytics.”

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Publicis Groupe press release

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The integration of SapientRazorfish, part of Publicis.Sapient, now culminates with the launch of a new brand identity and six best-of-breed offerings, which clients from across all industries will benefit from.

Publicis Groupe press release

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New Name and Logo for SapientRazorfish
Launch…video, I guess. The caption for it is “Today we take the next step in our journey as #SapientRazorfish, _reimagined for a connected world.” It literally stressed me out.

Despite so many things that went bust once the dot-com bubble burst, Sapient and Razorfish have remained in play all these years but where once they used to make headline news all the time now they feel like old news, with so many more new digital agencies doing interesting work. To be honest, every time I read about Sapient or Razorfish, my first thought is “Huh, they are still around?”. I don’t mean to mock or belittle their efforts and existence, it’s just that they were such bastions of a bygone era. Anyway… somehow — where they once were competitors — the universe has brought the two together to form the superpower SapientRazorfish AllOneWordThankYouVeryMuch. The old Sapient “S” was a classic and it’s sad to see it go but, also, not really, in the grand scheme of logo things. Razorfish’s logo was fine… razor-sharp like all good fish! The new logo is — and I don’t say this often — it is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less other than uppercase sans serif with an underscore for “digital”. It’s fine but it also feels like a path of least resistance. Overall, heavily meh-ish, even with the cosmos background used in the site.

Thanks to Hannah Johnson for the tip.

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