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New Name and Logo for Tellimer by Reed Words and In-house



Noted May. 8, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1999, previously Exotix Capital) “Tellimer is the world’s only fully integrated platform focusing on developing markets. Drawing on our 20+ years of experience and a global network of contacts and experts, we deliver world class insights, analytics, markets and advisory services. We combine ground-breaking technology, unrivalled expertise and exceptional service to connect every point in developing markets, and put you in touch with whatever you need, anywhere in the world.”

Design by

Naming and brand strategy: Reed Words (London, UK)
Logo: In-house

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To create the brand around the name, the agency ran a briefing workshop before developing the core brand elements of vision, mission, personality, behaviours and essence over a four-week period. Reed Words worked closely with Tellimer Group to communicate its specialist offering, balancing simplicity with enough detail for it to be convincing and authoritative.

The team also created core messaging and a tagline – ‘Developing markets, connected’. The tagline is short and snappy, making Tellimer’s offer immediately clear. It is descriptive rather than abstract or emotional, helping to establish what is an entirely new service. The tagline communicates the company’s expertise in developing markets, while ‘connected’ illustrates the service they provide – connection is the core of the offer. The visual identity was created in-house by Kristian Klamar, Head of Design at Tellimer.

Mike Reed, Creative Director at Reed Words, says: “Tellimer is a made-up word, but it has the right sense of established gravitas and authority, while the echoes of ‘intelligence’ and ‘tell’ hint at the nature of the offer. The client was also keen to have a dot-com URL, which is challenging to secure these days, so we were delighted to find a great name that also had an available dot-com.

Reed Words provided text

Images (opinion after)
New Name and Logo for Tellimer by Reed Words and In-house
Logo. “Our logo represents our vision of seamless connections, from anywhere to anywhere. And the 19 points making up the icon in our new branding are used in different combinations to represent the four elements of our offering; all of which can be organised around the needs of our clients.”
New Name and Logo for Tellimer by Reed Words and In-house
Logo on black.
New Name and Logo for Tellimer by Reed Words and In-house
Icon animation.
Logo animation.

The old name and logo were almost like a parody, with the play on “exotic” animals and replacing that last “c” with an “x”, which does seem like a very late 1990s thing to do. The new name is pretty good in a corporate, abstract kind of way that also manages to sound like a business name that has been around for decades — almost as if it were founded by a Mr. Tellimer. The logo, despite my sarcastic title, is really good. The hexagon made of hexagons may be eighteen too many hexagons but it’s very well spaced and, when seen small, has a great texture to it. The wordmark carries over the angles from the hexagon to add a notch to the “T”, to finish off the “e”, and to create a cut to the “r”. An hexagon fully replaces the tittle of the “i” (which is nicely aligned with the other hexagons on that horizontal line). The logo looks great on black as the notch of the “T” looks like a shadow. There is also more to the icon than meets the eye as it can be animated in 3D and its individual hexagons can be connected to create secondary icons for the sub-brands, which brings me to my only serious complaint, which is the light font chosen to complement the wordmark — it’s… I don’t like it. Overall, this is a solid-looking corporate design job that doesn’t try to be overly friendly or accessible or fun — just business.

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