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New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco


Noted Sep. 17, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 2019) “Nuuly is a new clothing subscription experience offering a creative way to experiment with your style. For $88 a month, explore up-and-coming designers, iconic labels, one-of-a-kind vintage finds and our own Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters family of brands, then choose six to be delivered to your door. The constantly evolving assortment features thousands of pieces for you to layer into your everyday wear, weekend adventures, occasions, vacations and everything in between.”

Design by

Fuzzco (Charleston, SC, and Seattle, WA)

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Relevant quote
The name Nuuly alludes to “new” and is a friendly, memorable and invented word that URBN was able to trademark. Reinforcing the product experience, the Nuuly logo references continuous cycles and experimentation.

The themes of continuous cycles and experimentation extend to seasonal typography and a diverse color palette that is both playful and sophisticated. Fabric textures are used loosely evoking free expression.

Fuzzco project page

Images (opinion after)
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco
Monogram animation.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco
Color variations.
Video to explain the subscription service.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Nuuly by Fuzzco

Let’s start with the name, which is kind of funny in that it reads and sounds as if it was a word completely made up to beat the trademark game… like, of course “nuuly” was available and probably so was “vaanjy” or “diibly” but, to their credit, it does possibly read as “newly”, so we’ll roll with it. The logo is interesting in how it treats the double “u” with the first one having a stem, serving as a 180-degree reflection of the “n”, while the second one has no stem. I would go as far as saying that’s a first and I kind of like the visual glitchiness of it — as if there is something off about the thing but it’s not evident what makes it so. I also like how the “nu” can be treated on its own as a monogram and the rotation animation helps convey the idea of cycling through clothes and making them feel new in new ways. Being an Urban Outfitters brand, the deadpan aesthetic works well and I like how even though this is a service for women only, it’s not all dainty and overtly feminine, which would normally be the cliché approach. The supporting illustrations are pretty nice and their texture is really great. Not a whole lot in application so the website does most of the heavy lifting for now and it looks good. I would love to see more of those duotone fabric patterns in action. Overall, this is bold and confident out of the gate.

Thanks to Zhenqi Ong for the tip.

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