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New Name, Logo, and Identity for Truth Initiative by Siegel+Gale



Reviewed Sep. 16, 2015 by Armin

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Established in 1989 “through the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between attorneys general from 46 states, five U.S. territories and the tobacco industry”, the Truth Initiative — originally the American Legacy Foundation — is a a national public health organization dedicated to convincing young people that tobacco sucks. (It does). Since 1999, the organization has run a very well-known campaign known simply as “truth®” with very convincing TV spots running on MTV non-stop. Earlier this month, Legacy, as it was known, changed its name to Truth Initiative and introduced a new identity designed by Siegel+Gale.

New Name, Logo, and Identity for Truth Initiative by Siegel+Gale
Well-known campaign logo.
One of the classic truth® commercials.
“Along with a new name and story, Siegel+Gale designed an iconic symbol, drawing equity from the truth campaign wordmark, the identity infuses key aspects of the campaign into the organizational brand. Orange was leveraged as a signature color to further link the organization to the campaign. The new identity system builds upon the symbol’s foundation form of a circle, providing a confident and contemporary visual presence in print, environmental and digital applications.”

Siegel+Gale provided text

New Name, Logo, and Identity for Truth Initiative by Siegel+Gale
Logo detail.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Truth Initiative by Siegel+Gale
Secondary logos.

The previous logo was on the lower end of fine in terms of execution but for being the organization behind a hard-hitting campaign it was extremely mellow and looked more like an organization aiming to bring water to rural areas somewhere in the world. There was no sense of urgency to it either. The new logo, with its more active orange color, demands more attention and feels more relevant. The “t” monogram is derived directly from the truth® logo, establishing a subtle connection between the two — for those unaware of the campaign, though, a dotted “t” might seem random. The typography is nice enough and the tittles in the “i”s of what seems to be Helvetica have been changed to circles to match the icon. I personally wouldn’t have paired DIN in the tagline with Helvetica but then again I’m not really a fan of either font.

New Name, Logo, and Identity for Truth Initiative by Siegel+Gale

Not much in terms of application: dots and DIN. Come to think of it, that’s either a nice name for a business or a design firm philosophy. Overall, there is more energy to the organization and a more direct tie with a popular campaign.

PS. Apologies for the lack of consistency in posts these past two weeks (and the two following weeks) but the preparation for our conference next week has kicked into high gear and we barely have time to eat lunch. We’ll back on track in October (sort of, as I will be traveling again).

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