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New On-air Package for Oxygen by Eloisa


Reviewed May. 25, 2016 by Armin

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Launched in 2000, Oxygen is a TV channel — or in NBC Universal’s parlance, a “multiplatform entertainment brand” — targeted to “young, multicultural women”. Available in over 77 million homes through cable and satellite, Oxygen’s programming revolves around various original unscripted dramas (aka reality TV) with acquired scripted series and some movies rounding out the schedule. We’ve covered Oxygen’s logo redesign and followed up on its on-air package in 2014. This is a second follow-up on a new on-air look designed by Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Eloisa.

Seeking younger millennial viewers who value authenticity in their programming, Oxygen unleashed a fun and lively on-air interface that used a clutter-free design scheme to show off a new raft of unscripted shows geared toward midscale, multicultural women in the 25-34 age range.

The only problem was, the brand was so well-designed it proved to be almost too minimal, which is where we came in. Oxygen brought us on to expand the network’s graphic look into bold, new terrain, to concoct a sparkling refresh of a brand that champions women to be themselves and encourages them to dive into life.

Eloisa project page

*2014* on-air package.

Neither the logo nor the on-air package received the warmest of welcomes, the logo in particular got mostly “Bad” votes and the on-air elicited mostly “Fine” ones. I still find the logo pleasant or, at least, inoffensive but the on-air stuff, in retrospect, was fairly boring. The new system seems like that’s what Oxygen needed to launch with in 2014…

In the original Oxygen brand, the most important device was the logo’s “connector,” an underscore beneath the “O” that unites copy and graphics in cool and creative ways across the package. We saw a lot of potential in this flexible little bar, especially after we fleshed out its capabilities by incorporating two other parts from the logo into the toolbox: the “O” itself” and the circle inside it.

Eloisa project page

New On-air Package for Oxygen by Eloisa
Main shapes.
New On-air Package for Oxygen by Eloisa

The geometric elements of the logo — namely the “O” and its underscore — are now more evidently a part of the motion work and are injected with some visual steroids to pump up the energy lacking in the 2014 version.

New On-air Package for Oxygen by Eloisa
Sample frames from Pretty. Strong.
New On-air Package for Oxygen by Eloisa
Sample title.
On-air package.
Another montage.

I like how the new look maintains the typography, color palette, and basic elements of the original but infuses them with a lot more personality and presence on screen. The “O”s and underscores combine nicely in different configurations, from tight grids to looser compositions, and the typography follows suit (the example at the 0:08 to 0:10 mark is tight). Some of it is very eye-candy-ish but nothing wrong with a little visual flair just for the joy of it. Overall, this new package captures better the “young, multicultural women” vibe without being literal about it and has a proper balance of youthfulness and mainstream appeal-ness of an NBC Universal channel.

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