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News: News Corp New Corporate Logo

Reviewed May. 29, 2013 by Armin

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NewsCorp Logo, Before and After

To complete the other part of the equation on the unveiling of the 21st Century Fox logo earlier this month, the other half of the split News Corp has now introduced its new logo — no design credit given. As a refresher: “News Corporation is splitting into two separate businesses. The first, to remain named News Corporation will handle all the publishing properties — newspapers and magazines — like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, with the former’s managing editor, Robert Thompson, as CEO. The second, to be renamed 21st Century Fox will handle the entertainment properties — cable and television channels, filmed entertainment, and direct satellite broadcasting businesses — including the FOX network, 20th Century FOX, FX, among dozens of other channels with Rupert Murdoch as CEO.” While the 21st Century logo didn’t replace anything and was a new expression, this new News Corp logo does replace the old one.

NewsCorp Logo

Today we are unveiling a new logo that will be our emblem for this future. The name is historic and the script is based on the writing of Rupert and his father, who have provided us all with not only a name, but a remarkable professional platform.
Memo to employees from new CEO Robert Thomson

NewsCorp Logo

Rupert introducing the new News Corp logo on Investor Day. Photo by his Chief of Staff, Natalie Ravitz.

The old logo was a graphic manifestation of all we thought was wrong and evil with News Corp, the kind of logo that would be created as a prop for a villain in a Hollywood movie: globe-ish, blue, ambiguous, engulfing. Ugly. The new logo is or, at least attempts to be, all the contrary — human, personal, warm, accessible — by using Ruport Murdoch’s handwriting. (The memo quoted also mentions his father’s handwriting but I have a hard time thinking they had the same handwriting — it just makes for a better story). As a corporate logo, this is actually quite good. It’s unique, it works perfectly in black and white, it has a certain sophistication to it without being pompous, it’s a decent set of letterforms (if a little on the wide side), and I’m sure it will look great on stationery. What’s more interesting is the company embracing that News Corp is basically synonymous with Rupert Murdoch and that he is as much part of the brand (and the value of its stock price) as the newspapers and magazines it operates. Murdoch may not have the best penmanship but his imprint in the publishing industry is undeniable — and now, trademarked.

Thanks to Andrew Gregory for first tip.



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