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Oh Snap, Snapple

Reviewed Mar. 18, 2009 by Armin

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Snapple Bottle, Before and After

Back in December of 2007 we reported on a new range of teas by Snapple and the introduction of a new logo. While that look hadn’t yet affected the main Snapple teas I preemptively bemoaned their imminent disappearance so you may read most of my reasoning in that post. This month, along with a new formula, Snapple introduced the new bottle and label design for their core range of teas.

Snapple Bottle, Various

As I noted more than a year ago, the new bottles have indeed lost their unique personality and now look more like the rest of the market with a very tea-esque look. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are pretty and well executed but, for me, Snapple has always been a brand that is not about prettiness or proper execution, but about peculiarity and personality and it’s sad to report that neither of those two things are there anymore and there is no amount of embossed Ss in the bottle that can make up for it.

Snapple Bottle, Detail

Update: The new design was done by New York-based CBX.



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