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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2011 by Rietje Gieskes

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TUL Logo, Before and After

The TUL, Transport Urbain Lavallois, is a network of buses based in the Laval community in France. The network consists of 54 buses that travel 21,000,000 kilometers, (that’s 13,048,795 miles for you metric-phobes) every year, and in the process transports an average of 7 million passengers. Their new colorful identity designed by Royalties Agency launched earlier this year.

The new logo and visual system appears to be strongly influenced by existing transportation designs. Like New York’s MTA identity, and a number of others, the logo features a circular structure that houses the acronym, and is used to signal the different bus lines. The system uses the DIN typeface, a popular choice for transportation and wayfinding signage.

TUL bus line icons.

Unique to this brand, the circle appears bent at an angle, adding an arrow-like quality to the mark. It also harkens back to its previous identity, which was italicized.


The visual system successfully integrates the horizontal bend from the logo in different applications, like the tickets and website. The horizontal line continues past the logo as a two-toned background, often used in conjunction with text. The system uses a typographic pattern, as well.

The bus lines are distinguished by colors, which are present throughout the different branded pieces and link the destinations with the lines that go there. Of course, not all colors in the system will work well with the new logo.

The pattern features different destinations.

Bus pass and schedule samples.

The system in use.

The redesign is a nice update. While it makes good use of DIN, the selection of a more proprietary typeface would have greatly improved the system.



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