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Sexy Serifs

Reviewed Jun. 22, 2009 by Armin

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Victoria's Secret Logo, Before and After

Let’s boil this down to simple facts to get started. Victoria’s Secret = Sexy. Trajan = Not Sexy. I assume I do not need to delve into the sexyness of Victoria’s Secret and as far as Trajan’s lack of sexiness, well, it’s really not its fault but its overuse suffered throughout the years. The problem with using Trajan as the logo for Victoria’s Secret is that it is no different than, say, Will Smith’s I am Legend or a hundred other movie posters. Mucca Design has evolved the logo of Victoria’s Secret to something that’s more unique and well crafted, taking the basic letterforms of Trajan and finessing them ever so slightly. And amazing how looser tracking adds elegance to small caps.

Mucca also created a monogram to introduce into the visual palette of Victoria’s Secret. I want to like it, but there is something wedding-like about it that doesn’t quite fit with the elegance of the new wordmark. It may be the white pieces that get knocked off as the letters intersect. Nonetheless, this is all an excellent evolution of a logo that has some major airtime in the visual landscape so it’s nice to know that it won’t just be a generic, out-of-the-box wordmark but a sexy little thing.

And, sure, you are welcome to comment with “Consumers will never notice.”

Victoria's Secret Logo, Before and After

Victoria's Secret Logo, Before and After

Victoria's Secret Logo, Before and After

Update: From a little birdie on the subject of Trajan vs. Not Trajan. The font is called Victoria and it’s been part of Victoria’s Secret for a while. It is indeed a modified version of Trajan where they only modified the initial caps of VS, the apostrophe, and thinned some parts of the letters. So, it’s not Trajan but, well, it still is Trajan.

Thanks to Tony Nguyen for the tip.



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