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Noted Jan. 23, 2013 by Armin

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Solvay Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1863) “SOLVAY is an international chemical Group committed to sustainable development with a clear focus on innovation and operational excellence. It is realizing over 90% of its sales in markets where it is among the top 3 global leaders. Solvay offers a broad range of products that contribute to improving the quality of life and the performance of its customers in markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and environment, and electronics. The Group is headquartered in Brussels, employs about 31,000 people in 55 countries and generated EUR 12.7 billion in net sales in 2011 (pro forma).”

Design by: Vincenti Design.

Ed.’s Notes: Another epically-scored logo introduction video below (or after the jump). I hate to say it, but there is something I like about the new logo. Not much, just something.

Relevant links: Press release (PDF).

Select quote: “We wanted a corporate identity capable of conjuring up the notions of expertise, innovation and modernity. We chose this creation that perfectly expresses the ability of our Group to reinvent itself. The highly symbolic letter “S” and the use of the color blue, maintains a clear link with the Group’s history,” says Michel Defourny, Head of Solvay’s Corporate Communications.

“With this solution, we wanted to create the impression that viewers are plunging into an object, as if it existed in 3D. We used computer graphics to model the shape, to create something half-way between a liquid and a solid in order to refer to Solvay’s core business activities,” explains Laurent Vincenti, CEO of Vincenti Design.”

Spotted at The Branding Source.



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