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Spoiler Alert: The P and G are the Same

Reviewed Apr. 27, 2010 by Armin

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PGI Logo, Before and After

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me of writing Brand New reviews is learning about all these multi-thousand-employee organizations that I never knew existed, and if I knew they existed I never quite would have pinpointed what they do. Case in point: PGi. Formerly known, since 1991 and until this past January, as Premiere Global Services, a 2,700-employee organization with offices in 24 countries, whose “advanced meeting, conferencing and collaboration solutions energize people and organizations to connect more meaningfully and work together more productively.” PGI’s services are reportedly used by 90% of the Fortune 500 and by 10 million people every month. So, new name, new logo.

If you need some corporate gobbledygook to get you in the mood, here are some excerpts from their press release:

The PGi brand addresses the fundamental shift in communications and represents a business model aimed at profitable growth based on changing global preferences for collaboration users. PGi already has made significant strides by hosting 40 million meetings in 2009 with 120 million people from 60 countries in attendance.

We aim to be a part of any meeting that happens when you can’t all be in the same room,” said Yeaney. “This is a high aspiration, and accomplishing it will take more than just developing great products. It will take a different strategy altogether, which begins with our new PGi brand.”


Unlike other corporate brand redesigns, I think this one would have been entirely refreshing if someone had come out and said: “Look, we have a cool new logo, dig it.” Because that’s what this is, a cool new logo. And despite the inherent sarcasm in much of what I say, I genuinely think this is a cool new logo. The old one was an affront to everything designers stand for — I mean, seriously, a squished globe with a swoosh around it? — and the new is a refreshing, techie-looking bit of typographic play in a trendy color. It looks great big, it looks great small. You could argue about its readability (“e6”?), but if you can read a business card or the URL of the website you are at, this is no big hurdle to overcome.

The logo was designed by Chicago-based Segura Inc. who, and I hate to be the annoying dork that points this out, really needs to hire a proofreader: Their project page lists the client as “Primary Global” instead of “Premiere Global Services”; the project as a “rebrandind effort”; and the other logos that fall under the main logo as “bub-brands.” I can let go one typo, two is sloppy, three is just plain don’t caring.

Nice logo, though.



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