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Sprite Gets More Sprite

Reviewed Jan. 30, 2009 by Armin

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Sprite Logo, Before and After

After a little break from soda discussion — although the eternally climbing comment count here suggests otherwise — here is a fresh one, Sprite. Just in time for the NBA All-Star’s Slam Dunk contest which Sprite sponsors they are putting into use a new, dynamic and active logo that, in context, is actually quite decent. I’m not sure I fall for the “explosive” starburst but there is something interesting about the way the lettering and the lemon/lime interact with it. Also, I realize there is this other Sprite logo, but I can’t figure out or don’t remember if it was just temporary, but the new logo certainly seems like an evolution of that. And reader Jared Ramey pointed out that the logo might be based on this. So for a mass consumer brand trying to appear cutting edge and “with it” this is not bad. Not my style or my thing, but not bad.

Thanks to Christopher Martin and Jared Ramey for the tip.



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